Founded in 2006, Id-Dinja ensemble (pronounced id dinya; meaning: the world in Maltese) presents concerts of predominantly 20th century and contemporary music by established and emerging composers from around the world – from the Americas and Europe to Asia and Africa. Its programs celebrate the diversity in styles and musical traditions bringing a global perspective to music. Originally founded by three classical musicians based in New York City, the ensemble’s founding members- Maltese flutist Laura Falzon, Korean pianist Jihea Hong-Park, and Liberian soprano Dawn Padmore, brought a passion for music, performance, and pride in their musical heritage. Under the artistic and music direction of Laura Falzon, the ensemble’s format and size varies being dependent on the specific repertoire and program being presented. Collaborations have also included programs with non-western instruments and musicians such as with the Turkish Ud player Munir Beken and the Indian tabla player Dibyarka Chaterjee. Since Id-Dinja ensemble’s debut concert in 2006 in New York City, the ensemble has performed works by varied composers including Luciano Berio, Kevin Volans, Shirish Korde, John Mayer, Halim El-Dabh, John Corigliano, Franghiz Ali Zadeh, Akin Euba, Joshua Uzoigwe and many others.

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Issa Sonus is a music ensemble based in New York City which examines music cross-culturally in context of an ever more connected world. Bringing together a vibrant group of performers and composers who share a wealth of music achievements, Issa Sonus musicians hail from renowned conservatories and universities, including the Juilliard School, the London College of Music, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Columbia University. They have performed across the world and are featured as soloists as well as members of orchestras and ensembles. With a rich repertoire including numerous world premieres, Issa Sonus musicians are passionate for the development and advocacy of new music, but also recognize the importance of the many music traditions that they share.

Since the ensemble’s debut concert in New York City, the ensemble has performed works by varied composers including Alan Hovhaness, Behzad Ranjbaran, Munir Nurettin Beken, Heitor Villa Lobos, Manuel Maria Ponce, Astor Piazzolla and others.

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2Flutes is Laura Falzon and Pamela Sklar, two flutists who between them have performed a wide spectrum of works ranging from Classical, contemporary, intercultural, rock, pop, folk and jazz and performed in concerts throughout the USA, Canada, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Malta, Finland, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, India and Japan. Steeped in distinctly varied musical backgrounds, they have come together to introduce, present and perform a variety of music, akin to a musical hybrid, which features original compositions by composers from across the globe, and offers over six octaves of silver and wood flute sounds. 2Flutes’ culturally varied influences and their cumulative flutes’ wide ranges, textures and color contribute to innovative performances which engage and stimulate audiences from all walks of life. For more info visit


Other music partners: Steve Beck, pianist; Daniel Beliavsky, pianist; Andrey Tchekmazov, cellist; Edmundo Ramirez, violist


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